50 Cent visited Shade 45 today (Nov. 28) to speak with Whoo Kid about good reviews for Before I Self Destruct, the Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z beef, Eminem’s upcoming albums The Refill and Relapse 2, and more!

How did 50 Cent feel about Jay-Z’s comment at the American Music Awards? What did he think about Jennifer Lopez‘ fall during her AMA performance? Will 50 and Eminem be working together on a track again soon? Did Rick Ross’s people really try to contact 50’s ex? Why wasn’t 50 Cent at Diddy’s party? Do kids want 50 to grow up?

Listen as DJ Whoo Kid, Nelson (The Gomez Brothers) and Reef chop it up with 50 Cent in this RadioPlanet.tv exclusive! (Note: interview ends at around 15:30)

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