In the song Ignorant Sh*t, Jay-Z rhymed “Scarface the movie did more than Scarface the rapper to me”. While Scarface was a great movie, songs like “Money And The Power”, “I Seen a Man Die”, and “Homies & Thuggs” are forever embedded in my memory. I can recall listening to all the Scarface and Beanie Sigel collaborations and praying for a Mac and Brad album. Scarface’s 12th album release entitled “Deeply Rooted” features the DNA of Mr. Scarface. The album, produced mostly by multi platinum Grammy Nominated producer N.O. Joe, features elements of gospel and country.The album has a cinematic big movie feel, I felt as if I was listening to a score of a movie. I would divide the album into halves. The 1st half features more of the gangsta rap legend Scarface fans are accustom to. Scarface reminds us of his dope dealing ways in songs like “Dope Man Pushin'” (featuring Papa Reu), “Fuck You Too” (featuring Z-Ro), and “Do What I Do” (featuring Nas, Rick Ross & Z-Ro). After song #8, the album turns into a more motivational uplifting Scarface. “God” (featuring John Legend) and “You” (featuring CeeLo Green) features Face teaching the babies. This is a welcoming site that more rappers should follow. Overall, I enjoyed the album and thought it was a great listen. While I did wish the album features more of the Geto Boys Mr Diary Scarface, the inspirational songs featured in Deeply Rootly is what our generation needs to hear.

Best Songs

Scarface – Do What I Do Ft. Nas, Rick Ross & Z-Ro

Dope Man Pushin’ (feat. Papa Reu)

God (feat. John Legend)

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