Connecticut rapper and ATM Family lead artist 12 Rounz presents the Eanjay-directed music video for “Messin With This”, his new single produced by Chuck Kennedy. The son of a Guyanese mother and African-American father, 12Rounz uses the number 12 to represent the age he began his rap career, battle-rapping local rappers on the streets of Hartford. Other videos include “Shut Up” (watch) and “Rapido” (watch). 12 Rounz has several full-lengths under his belt including Heavy (iTunes), 2 volumes of The Dutchmaster, Think 12 and Too Big To Fail, all available on his DatPiff page. 12 Rounz says his new single “came from a place of fun, letting loose, turning up and not caring! It’s a record for you and your day ones, when you do you and have fun, nothing else matters.”

Describe a day in the life of 12 Rounz. Certainly seems like it includes lots of Henny and weed…

My days vary, but I definitely start and end my day with a spliff; and I’ma roll a few in between. I may wake up write a couple songs and hit the studio. I always make time to politic with my team ATM Family to make sure we keep things rolling and are on the same page. I love Henny, I really do, but we drink a lot of Remy VSOP around here. The brown water definitely helps when you’re going through it.

What’s the deal with ATM Family? Who’s involved? What can we expect? Are there release dates?

My ATM Family consist of my guys that I’ve known before facial hair. These are my friends and my brothers. I grew up with these guys and they stay on me to make sure I’m focused. It’s a couple people involved and we keep the circle tight. Business wise they handle the management and all the video production you see. Every video I’ve released has come from one roof. Going forward you can expect more music, videos, and performances. We’re going to expand the 12 Rounz ATM Family experience to include more merchandise and mixtape releases. As far as releases April 20 2017 I’m dropping my 9th solo project “Dutch Master 4”. This one is for all my stoners, this tape is going to be a project I’m proud to release.

What have you sacrificed for your career?

I’ve sacrificed a lot for my music. Rent being late, times when my friends are out doing things and turning up, while I’m in the studio working. I don’t mind the sacrifice though, those are the times that build you as a person and you recognize how bad you actually want it. I know people who want to do music or claim themselves as artist but then they can never put the music to the forefront. I understand I have to be consistent and willing to risk everything to let the world hear my work.

Which artists would you say are really holding it down for the East Coast these days, and why (besides 12 Rounz, of course)?

Fab has been holding it down for a while. I love how he’s been able to stay relevant as the times change. Young MA is also an artist I respect; she’s giving me something different to vibe to. We have a few artist that I love for creating their own lane in the music game. That’s really what it’s about these days in my opinion. I do feel like they need to shine the light brighter on CT, we have a lot of heat in my state. But in all the east coast is in a good space, I feel like it’s always going to be a source for good music.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a solo artist?

When it comes to music I’m real big on originality. I don’t mind being a solo artist, I actually prefer it. I feel like God gave me an amazing gift, and when I align with a great producer the magic that happens is unbelievable. I collaborate with a lot of artist around my way to give a change of pace, and we make great music. I really can’t point out any disadvantages, I’ve actually been in groups in the early stages of my career and getting everyone on the same page with music and the grind of it all can be a challenge. I prefer to make the music and plan out my releases with my inner circle.

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