In this episode of PoPolitickin, we politick with singer, songwriter Antwan Shepherd.

Antwan Shepherd is a native of Columbia, South Carolina. His original music influence came from a traditional gospel sound. Antwan began singing at the age of 2. There was always a song on his mind. At the age 13 he began to compose music. In 2001, Mr. Shepherd enlisted in the United States Army. This is when he was exposed to many different approaches and styles of music. In 2014 Antwan graduated from Norfolk State University with a degree in Music. From this time Antwan Shepherd wants to share his gift with the world in as many ways as possible. During a live show you should expect to be exposed to a sound that has never been heard before. Infusing natural vocal agility with and electronic synthesized voice box that creates harmonies that will allow you to hear what he hears and be welcomed into the musical world of Antwan Shepherd. He will be featured on Mo B. Dick’s upcoming project due for release early 2018.

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