Canadian rappers Audric Rose and K.Skriptz have joined forces as Black Rose, presenting “Vows”, the first single from their forthcoming album She Loves Me She Loves Me Not, a mixture of hip-hop lyrics and R&B melodies featuring guest appearances from fellow Ontario artist Lord Randolph. Audric’s last solo project was 2014’s XXV (Soundcloud) and K.Skriptz recently released the single “You The 1” also featuring Audric (Soundcloud), which will also be included on She Loves me She Loves Me Not. Also a singer, songwriter and engineer, Audric is currently executive producing solo projects for both Skriptz and Randolph, as well as working on a new solo album. “I know I’m destined to put my stamp on the game and this Black Rose project is just the start of it,” he says. “Vows” addresses the topic of relationships, as does the entirety of She Loves Me She Loves Me Not, specifically “the roller coaster ride of emotions that a man and woman go through on their journey through love.,” says Audric. “Music that’s relatable to anyone who’s ever had a significant other at some point in their life. The beauty of this album is that there should be a situation on at least one song that is relatable to the listener’s life at some point or another.

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How did you guys meet? What made you two decide to come together?

K.Skriptz and I are related. We’re cousins and our relationship got stronger in high school as we began to share more things in common, music being one of them. Coming together only made sense seeing as we’re family members and shared the same interest and our energies fed off of each other naturally.

What motivated you guys to make an album specifically about relationships?

We’ve both been through a lot of ups and downs throughout our lives regarding relationships and it’s something that’s relatable to everybody. We figured, why not tell a love story about different situation throughout a relationship. Some of which we’ve experienced first hand, and some of which people close to us have lived.

What’s your project each of you are most proud of and why?

To date, The Black Rose playlist “She Loves Me She Me Not” body of work definitely stands out being the most proud of. Vows, the debut single was our first release featured on Apple Music and Spotify which is an accomplishment for each of us. This project allowed us to work together collectively as we created what we like to call “timeless music”.

What’s the number one thing you guys want people to know about Black Rose?

We want people to understand that Black Rose is an organization not just made up of Audric Rose and K.Skriptz. There are other family members involved, and also close friends who are all loyal to one another and share common interest in succeeding together.

If each of you could bring back one dead artist, who would it be and why?

K.Sriptz – Proof. Growing up in Detroit, D12 was the rap group i had always listened to and folded my early rap style after. Proofs ability to be comedic or serious depending on the mood of the song, was something that always stood out to me and caught my ear. Underrated talented man who was taken too soon. RIP.

Audric Rose – Nate Dogg. I felt his melodies were unmatched and he was second to none. He could’a been talking the most vulgar shit ever, but he still found a way to get you to sing along. I’ve always admired his music and till this day still try and harmonize just like the late great Nate Dogg. RIP.

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