Welcome to another edition of Po Politickin. In this episode, we politick with Champ Dibiase. Champ is an aspiring hip hop artist, producer from Maryland, currently residing in Atlanta. Combining clever wordplay, outlandish imagery, a twisted sense of humor and reflective commentaries into distinctive, cutting style sets. Paired with intense, earnest delivery and a unique sound.
September 2014 found Champ releasing his first independent project titled ‘Pre Season’, a collection of five incredible songs, with the lead singles, ‘Promise’ and ‘Addiction Intervention’. October 31, Champ released yet another brilliant EP titled, ‘Back On My 6’. With lead singles, ‘Red Moon’ and ‘Put It Down’. Not to have any letdowns, December 17th, Champ released yet another stellar effort, in the new mixtape titled, ‘Caesar’. Lead singles off the project are ‘Crown Royal’ with self titled single and debut video ‘Caesar’. Accompanied by his debut video A Day In The Life: Building of Medicii – Champ – ‘The Caesar Video…

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