Netherlands-based rapper/producer Cptn Kirk presents the Mike Michaelides-directed music video for “Needs”, the new single from T.R.I.P. (Trippin Responsibly In Pluto), his new EP produced entirely by Boi-Lee. Born on the Greek Island of Crete, Cptn Kirk was performing and battling regularly around Greece by the age of 16, creating the Monster Footprints collective. In 2011 he moved to Amsterdam and clicked up with Netherlands crew Elite Fleet. “The title of the song says it all,” Cptn Kirk says about the new single. “In this world we all just wanna get whatever we want, but it makes us forget what we actually need. Being broke trying to make it, I wrote this track just to let people know and remind myself you should prioritize what you really need so you can get what you want. When you have a goal, chase it and never back down until you achieve what is needed so you can get what you really want.”

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T.R.I.P. is an interesting listen in the sense that it is mellow and advanced at the same time. What have the reactions been?

Thank you very much! Really happy to hear that! The reactions have been great! Everyone is coming back with really good feedbacks and they keep telling me that I’m bringing something new and exciting. Something they haven’t really heard around! And that’s what I was aiming for. I always want to bring something new on the table with quality always in mind! Another great thing is that I’ve had a lot of new fans because of this project. A lot more people from really different kind of backgrounds are relating to it and vibe with it like crazy! I love that.

What’s your favorite song on the album and why?

My favorite song on the EP is “Needs”. I had a different approach when I was writing this track, as far as it goes to the technical aspect, and also I had a lot of things to get out of my chest. It was just a track of “the moment” and I feel like it came out so good because of that. It didn’t take me long to write but it definitely touched me the most. It’s a song of realisation and the meaning can be applied in many situations in life. That’s why I think it’s my favourite song from this project. It’s a hard decision though. I have a couple of favourites in there, like “Let You Know”, “Moved On” and “Pull Up”. Not easy to pick one up. Haha.

How do you think it is being received in America versus Europe?

I think it is equally good! Even though people in America are more supportive and show more interest on it. I thinks it’s because of my accent and style, it sticks with them easier than in Europe. But as far as it goes to the shows I’ve done here in Europe performing it, people really love it. Even people that have never heard me before, when a couple of songs come up they will come upfront and really rock with it! I think they just need a bit of time to get to know me. The project just came out so I’m still getting a lot of people hitting me up about it asking where to get it… so the interest is building up every day on each side! Such a nice feeling! I really want to do some shows outside of Europe to see how people react to it live. That’s where you can actually see how much people are feeling it!

What’s your favorite non-rap album of all time and why?

That’s one hard question right here, I actually have a couple. But if I had to choose one, that would be Lord Of The Rings by Bo Hansson. It’s a musical masterpiece and I have some amazing experiences while listening to it! It just takes you to another place with all these amazing compositions! Truly a genius work! Really recommended to anyone that hasn’t checked it out! Other than that, Rastaman Vibration by Bob Marley is an all time favourite that I’ve been listening to since a really young age! Thanks mom! haha

Describe Crete to someone who’s never been there.

Crete is a holiday paradise. It’s an island that has everything in one! If you love nature, and wanna get away from the crazy fast life living. A place with a huge history, traditions, the best food in the world, beautiful beaches, and some great people! It is just a shame that, because of governmental issues, the place gets left behind and is not taken care as much as it should! I think it’s a destination everyone should visit at one point of their lives.

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