We recently politick with Dear Derrick, the first Art Curator and Rapper out of Brooklyn, New York. Dear Derrick has done work for H&M & Diesel in visual merchandising, PR & marketing with the Chelsea Art Museum, Wu-tang Brand and The Harold Hunter Foundation as well as the Assistant Director & Curator for a few of NYC’s elite art galleries including The Hole, Lyons Wier Gallery, Gallery 151 and Damon Dash’s, Poppington.

PP -Thanks for stopping by to politick with us. I was reading that you are from New York. Can you discuss your background and how you feel in love with music?

DD – I’m from Brownsville, Brooklyn. My love for hip hop music comes from my sister, who introduced me to hip hop. Being that my sister passed at an early age, hip hop became a part of my lifetime journey. Because urban street life and hip hop origins run on the same path, I’m born into it.

PP – Can you talk about your name? What d you think about the fact of being in art & hip hop at same time?

DD – I go by Dear Derrick. My artist name is basically a self-reflection. I’m writing to myself from myself – it’s autobiographical. I never think about it – the music is the first part of my journey. Art just happened and I am enjoying it more with time; my passion increases with each curation. I believe the world is simple and we make it complex. So I don’t view art and music separately.

PP – I hear some have compared you to 50 Cent? What do you think about this?

DD – I admire 50 Cent. I don’t personally aim to sound like him, but the last two tracks, I can see where people may associate my tone and words with 50 Cent and it’s because I’m trying to come back with true-underground NY rap, which somehow has lost it’s way and I’m trying to bring it back to the spotlight. But mostly when you’re on to something extremely cool or great, people tend to compare that with something that has noted great honor so I’m humbled by the comparisons.

PP – Speaking of a cult following of fans, who is your most dedicated and loyal fan?

DD – My most dedicated fans would be self taught, self reliant, self confident, entrepreneurial, self motivated, highly vibrant, spiritual people just like myself. And modest too hahaha. But seriously any fan of Dear Derrick’s and OnlyPopcorn’s has a high sense of self.

PP – Can you discuss your current projects and plans for 2015?

DD – #DD63 is the current project. We released 1 single earlier this year, “Simple Things” and peaked #8 on National College Rap/Hiphop radio and RapAttackLives.com. We’re on our way with the 2nd single “Thug Life” and the third single is titled ” Lay-Up ” feat. Kool AD from the group Das Rasict making it an epic collabo.

PP – Can you describe some tools or techniques that your use to stay motivated on your goals?

DD – Running. Exercise. I love running to clear my head and open me up creatively. And writing my goals down constantly. I take what they taught me in 3rd grade in word study – I repeat my goal list in a marble notebook obsessively like a kid memorizing spelling words.

PP – If someone never heard your music before, what is the first song that you would want them to hear?

DD – Simple Things. Through that song you’ll find the essence of why I rap.

PP – We were informed of the past singles put out as Couture Ink, what happened to this bka name,etc.?

DD – Couture Ink was retired after my first recording deal.

PP -Thanks for coming thru. Anymore words for the readers, where can we check out more of your music?

DD – Onlpopcorn.com! ONLYPOPCORN is where everything, including the vibes, can be found.

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