Welcome to another edition of Po Politickin. In this episode, we poltick with Bronx raised producer/artist Dolo the Bandit.


Dolo the Bandit is a true student of New York sound and like any great student, adds to that sound. In 2011 he won the Most Original Artist at the Underground Music Awards. He also caught the eye of Spike Lee, scoring placement in Spike’s feature film “You’re Nobody til Somebody Kills You” with his single “Get Down’’. Dolo widened his audience when Quicksilver used that same song for its Pro New York and France Surfing tour. 2012 was also a great year for him, performing at BET Music Matters and dropping Project Monarch, it’s hit single Roach Clips further solidifying him as an up an coming artist. Dolo proved his resiliency, surviving a home invasion, where he barely escaped with his life suffering shotgun injuries to his face and hand. Forced to go on hiatus to recover after multiple surgeries, this year he’s releasing Target Practice, If his new single Lake House is any indication we’re in for a Bandit 2.0 and that should either make you nervous or excited.

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