J Swift

Born and raised in the infamous streets of South East San Diego J Swift developed a love for music at a very early age and found it as the perfect way to communicate his thoughts. As early as elementary school he began to write his first rhymes and while most kids were worried about video games and candy, J Swift balanced his time focusing on perfecting his musical writing skills. J Swift took lessons from Hip Hop legends such as Jay Z, Method Man, 2-Pac and Biggie Smalls and combined their musical sounds with the classic oldies his father would listen too and brought them together too begin developing his flow and musical sounds. In Middle School J Swift got his first recognition when he allowed a friend to listen to a recording he had created at home and without telling his friend it was him rapping he was told that whoever it was on the tape was amazing and needed to keep creating music.

As J Swift entered High School he continued to record music and finished his first mix tape before graduation. This mixtape wasn’t really given the promotion it deserved as at the time J Swift was more focused on playing basketball. Upon his graduation however he picked music as the talent that would get his full attention and quickly reconnected with a number of Southern California entertainment professionals. As he began to record new music J Swift began gaining more and more attention within the West Coast music industry and was asked to appear on the San Diego classic “D.O.M. The Re-Mixtape.” This appearance not only led to more people taking notice of J Swift’s brand but also led to him being asked to create and release his own Re-Mixtape which he titled “$wift iz the name.” Both the release of this project along with his epic release party held in downtown San Diego established J Swift as a true force to be reckoned with and has him preparing new projects for release as well as building his own label in which he plans to not only release his own music through but also develop other artists on.

As J Swift continues to build upon his brand with promotional tours that have him traveling state to state spreading his music to the masses as well as creating new materials he quickly is coming upon his goal of becoming the best from the West.

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