Welcome to another edition of Po Politickin. In this episode, we are rejoined by Invisible Man Media founder Mehka to discuss his upcoming documentary “The Color Green: Cash, Color and Cannabis”.

The Color Green: Cash, Color and Cannabis examines the declassification of cannabis in the United State, and just where minorities fit within this new lucrative industry. In its investigation, the film also touch on the stigma and propaganda associated with cannabis, the ineffective war on the drugs and how its racially biased policies impacted minority communities, just how differently two different generations view cannabis, and how minorities can turn these new laws into a way to heal, live and build a legacy.

Produced by Mehka (Mecca) for Invisible Man Media, the film shines a light on the burgeoning cannabis industries in Atlanta, Washington D.C.,New York City, New Jersey and Boston, we speak with cannabis professionals, journalists, politicians, experts, political lobbyist, and celebrities, about this new “Green Rush,” and just how it could benefit a group of people once

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