We recently politicked with the homie Money Militia of Dallas/Fort Worth. Here’s how it we down.

Po: Thanks for stopping by Po Politickin. For our first question, could you describe a day in life of Money Militia?

Money Militia: Hustle,hustle,hustle and hustle.

Po: Growing up, you went through a lot of adversity. What would you consider your lesson learned? What would you tell a child that is following a similar path as the one you went through?

Money Militia: Everybody does not have your best intentions in mind, greatness lies in the depths of solitude.

Po: How would you describe your music? What separates you from the billions of other rappers out?

Money Militia: Authenticity, shock factor thru real situations ,intelligent,diffrent sound will go out side the box

Po: What’s your opinion of studio gangster rappers?

Money Militia: WACK QUIT NOW U can tell they will dig they own grave.

Po: Could you talk about some of your musical influences? What are you listening to right now?

Money Militia: Tupac, TI, Pimp C,…………….. myself, older music

Po: Do you have any current projects out? What’s your label situation?

Money Militia: Yea, You Girl hits radio this Sunday Hot Damn should coming up soon and fixin hit it like a typhoon you gone be hearing alot of money militia real soon. I own my own label and invest heavily in my craft if a major come they better come wit it cause Im good.

Po: What advice would you give to aspiring rappers?

Money Militia: Work its all that matters Dont let any body tell you cant wit the right attitude you can get anything accomplished

Po: Thanks for stopping by, any words for your fans and supporters?

Money Militia: I love yall man let me your inspiration and continue let me spread as you have, Thank YOU.

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