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Phoenix, Arizona rapper RoQy TyRaiD presents the self-directed music video for “Nonpareil”, another single dropping in anticipation of The Dichotomy Of RoQy TyRaiD, his forthcoming album set to feature Mega Ran, Mr Miranda, Big Penny, and Mystic Blu as well as production from Oddisee, Hezekiah, Slopfunkdust, M Slago, Jimmy Flight, Nameless, Nabeyin, Ill Maestro, Phoenix’s Arza, and Tunesmith. Since the release of his debut album The New Millennium Man, RoQy has sold thousands of CDs hand to hand, appeared on AllHipHop’s Top Artists Of The Year list four years straight, has appeared on The Wake Up Show and has performed at SXSW, DIllaDayLA, A3C and has toured nationally. “The video can best described as a snuff film meets a lost footage flick,” RoQy says about the new record. “Menacing, aggressive, demanding visual interpretation of the song’s creative lethality. In the video, I stalk and kill my only form of competition, then bury it in the mud, There Will Be Blood style.”

What’s your perspective on Obama’s time as president?

It really brought out the worst in America in ways we haven’t seen in a long time, and that’s saying a lot. Not because of his policies, but because of the uninhibited flow of prejudiced BS from government officials, lobbyists, and news sources. They cite political reasons for their attacks on Obama, but let’s face it, no president was saintly. George “Kanye Saying I’m Racist Is The Worst Thing To Happen In My Presidential Tenure” W. Bush wasn’t. The patron saint of the GOP, Ronald “Contra” Reagan wasn’t, with the laundry list of disgusting atrocities connected to his cabinet. Even Clinton was chock full of errors. Obama may have signed some questionable things into practice and lied to us about Osama, for instance, but he’s also spearheaded some pretty incredible things. Yet, he is the most scrutinized president of all time. Of all time. Even analyzing the 9/11 tragedy from a surface level, Bush was pretty irresponsible in his handling of that tragedy, as well as the subsequent war which cost us thousands of lives, and the Middle East, a huge part of its civilization’s stability. I mean, he has a known coke record, am I not right? But America is fueled by racism. It’s as American as apple pie and indigenous genocide. So, Obama’s perceived errors are magnified tenfold, solely because of the color of his skin. From birther, to insulting those of the Muslim faith by not only placing negative connotations on it, but then turning around and using it as a political weapon against Obama. Look how many corrupt cops killed innocent blacks with reprieve. I also feel like it’s systemically orchestrated by the government and lobbyists, though, to further agendas but that’s here nor there. “Do ya googles”, I’m not here to preach or steer anyone in any particular direction. To answer your question, Obama is the metaphorical “unveiling” of America’s true nature.

If you could bring back any dead artist who would it be and why?

There’s a few artists who come to mind. I’d love to mention Dilla, and that goes without saying. One of the most influential forces in hip-hop, for me. His whole body of work from contributions to Bus’ catalog, to Slum obviously, his own movements such as Champion Sound. Just the unique ways in which he created music. It’s so timeless. The first song I ever rapped to people in front of was the “Players” beat, in high school at a pep rally *laughs*. I sucked man. But I was so fearful of the crowd, being a natural social introvert. That beat, though. The bass, the sample, the way it was constructed. I felt empowered. That’s the type of spirit dude had with beats. Plus he was nice with the rhymes. I feel that hip-hop’s growth was stunted by the universe taking him to another destination. For my comic book heads, we are in the Age of Apocalypse, a world without its Professor X.

What inspired the schizophrenic sound of “Nonpareil”? How did you decide on the musical approach?

I guess determination builds this arrogance in you. When an obstacle gets in the way of you and your meal, you have to grab it by the ankle and bash it against the concrete. No, but seriously all jokes aside, everyone has that inner competitive spirit in them. Honestly, I’m just not that interested in the hype behind a lot of the so-called “spitters”. In fact, I think the title “spitter” is a misnomer in most cases. Cadence doesn’t make you a spitter; a couple punchlines don’t, either. Yelling on the mic isn’t “spitting”. It’s everything plus conviction. True conviction. True soul. I’m bringing that, in this track. In terms of the musical approach, there wasn’t really much thought to it. Just lead off with the first line and the rest fell into place. That’s what happens when Jimmy Flight produces your sound!

What do you think hiphop will sound like in ten years? What makes you think it’s going to evolve that way?

Mainstream is probably going to sound like a mix of literal EDM music and super trap records with 4 bars being repeated throughout the song . And the songs are going to be 1 minute 35 seconds! *laughs* I do have hope in hip-hop, as a whole. Right now, people seem to be emaciated and in need of more complex lyricism and content. I feel like a certain rise in music-of-content is around the corner. Maybe not in a black & white way that you may be accustomed to, but I feel resurgence in “intelligent music”. That doesn’t necessarily mean cerebral music, it could just mean more complex delivery schemes. People want it. Pushing the envelope is part of the very fabric of hip-hop.

Which do you prefer and why? Weed or alcohol?

Well, I don’t really smoke like that at this point in time, to be honest. Maybe down the road, I’ll return to the greenery. A lot of smokers tend to dig my music, though. I guess by default, I’ll have to go with alcohol. I know it’s can be addicting for a lot of people unfortunately, and is more harmful to the body. But there’s not a lot of beverages that can surpass a healthy glass of merlot. I used to be into craft beers, and would make it a point to test the local brews out, in each city I was in. Had to fall back in the micros and work on my health for a bit. Can’t even front, though: Moscow Mules, White Russians, Old Fashioneds? Prime choices, if you’re going to indulge! Cheers!

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