Welcome to another edition of Po Politickin. In this episode, we politick with Sealy Troh.

Artist Bio—

Agreed! There are numerous young artists hoping to make a name in the genre of Hip-Hop. However none convey ideas with the deliberative flow and youthful, emotive angst as presented in the original lyrics of Eric Trotman – working under the pseudonym of “Sealy Troh.” Born to Barbadian working class parents in the suburbs of Southern California’s Antelope Valley, Sealy’s stage name is a combination of his grandfather’s surname, “Sealy” and Eric’s nickname “Troh.”

“I’m influenced by electronic, experimental, indie, hardcore and hip-hop,” Sealy says with a smile as he reminiscences on his former days as a vocalist in punk/hard rock bands. The range of musical styles Sealy Troh indulges in are eclectic. He is a fan of artist such as “He is Legend,” “Kanye West,” “Atmosphere,” “Bibio,” “Marvin Gaye” as well as “Foster the People.”

“Rapping is a do it yourself genre. If your lines or lyrics are weak than that’s on you. I wanted something that made me responsible for who I am – where I could rely on myself to show up.” When watching Troh perform you can feel his fire, you know this is a man with passion. “It’s like I become a different person,” says Troh, who has performed at dozens of shows around California including the “Relay for Life,” cancer fundraiser and “The School Tour,” thanks to Chris Roker and Randy Hankins. In the Upcoming year, Troh is set to tour with Pell in March, and you can begin to look for him on your radio stations as well. Songs such as: “See Me” ft. Casey Veggies, “We Own the Night” ft. Novel, and “Fly Away” are amongst some of the top crowd favorites to keep your ears entertained.

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