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Welcome to another edition of Po Politickin. In this episode, we politick with rap duo That Nation.

Artist Bio –

LiL BiLL Swavey & Dezzy-D came together as individual artists in the beginning with LiL BiLL Swavey reigning in from Houston Texas and Dezzy-D holding it in Opelousas, Louisiana. The duo started together at the age of 16 each as freshman at Opelouas High School. It went from talent shows to bigger shows around the city and soon around the state.

LiL BiLL Swavey & Dezzy-D each have their fair share of solo mixtape projects already displayed to the world such as LiL BiLL Swavey’s “Bill of Writes” mixtape to Dezzy-D’s “Fans Ova All” mixtape, then LiL BiLL Swavey’s “Nostalgia EP” to Dezzy-D’s “The Orphanage” & “No Denying Me (Hosted By DJ Ya Boy Earl)” mixtapes. Now with their debut and most recent collaboration project “It Ain’t Dat Easy (Hosted By DJ Ya Boy Earl)” mixtape being available right now for download on LiveMixtapes tallying over 11K+ views, this was their most successful project yet. They started racking in major numbers together doing remixes and covers on YouTube with one of their major covers to Big Sean & Kanye West’s “Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay” totaling up to 60K+ views. They’ve skyrocketed to the top of the city of Opelousas, Louisiana as major lyricists and songwriters with many faces looking up to them, both young and older.

Twitter: @M_S_Ent
IG: @M_S_Ent
Flipagram: @M_S_Ent
Sound cloud: M_S_Ent

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