Bronx, New York emcee MrE presents “Uncle Tom ‘N Jury”, his new single produced by himself and Robb Hutzal. MrE recently released a music video for his single “Keep On” (watch). MrE’s last EP was Prodigal Son Returns (stream). When asked about the inspiration for his new single, MrE says, “Uncle Tom N Jury refers to the relationship between those of us minorities who fortunately become successful in life only to be criticized by our very own, as well as by everyone else. When people use to proclaim how much they loved their haters on social media, I was all for it. But then when a lot more of them started posting on their social media sites about how much they loved their haters, I became suspicious. You have to, at some point, feel some type of way when people speak bad about you. Granted, if you’re trying to get your foot in the door within this business, you’re grateful that people are even saying anything about you. At this point, “bad publicity is good publicity.” However, a couple more years within your profession, people saying bad things about you becomes annoying. Even if you’re religious, you can’t possibly still be 100% ok with it, especially if you’re constantly posting on Facebook about how much you love your haters. I just saw it as a defense mechanism. So I figured since none of these people would be honest with themselves and everyone else and address how they really feel about their haters, then I’d say it for them.”

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