Welcome to another edition of PoPolitickin. In this episode, we politick with DJ Brad. WORLD FAMOUS DJ BRAD started playing & making music professionally back in 1995 and quickly earned a name for himself in the DIRTY SOUTH HIP HOP scene. Interested in music at a young age and influenced by genres including bass, techno, and hip hop, WORLD FAMOUS DJ BRAD developed his unique style by experimenting with an acoustic landscape of scratching and innovative mixing methods. WORLD FAMOUS DJ BRAD has worked with major artists such as GOODIE MOB, B.O.B, SHAWTY LO (R.I.P), PASTOR TROY, and R. KELLY. and is considered to some as a LIVIN LEGEND. He is also one of the Original founders of the legendary LEGION OF DOOM DJS who are responsible for laying the foundation and creating the blueprint for the DJ coalitions that exist today. WORLD FAMOUS DJ BRAD is currently working with Atlanta underground artist such as TITANIUM, TRUU SCOTCHY, TRA DA HUSTLEKING & MO B. DICK of BEATS BY THE POUND.

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