Guwop is Home!! After being released from prison on May 26, 2016. Gucci recorded Everybody Looking in less than six days. In 2008, I remember a co-worker telling me that Gucci Mane was his favorite rapper. He was telling me how Gucci was supertight and then start doing all Gucci’s ad libs. I remember thinking he was crazy for naming Gucci as his favorite rapper. Well, eight years later and I am now a bonafide believer in Gucci. I have really been sleeping on Gucci, but better late than never right?

After listening to Gucci’s Everybody Looking and his remaining catalog on Spotify, I am now a believer in the trap god. Below is a review of my favorites songs, production, features, and the most inspiring track. I will also rate the album using the academic A-F grading scale.

Best Songs
1. Pussy Print featuring Kanye West
2. Waybach
3. 1st Day Out tha Feds
4. At Least a M

The production of the album is A-1. Great production, which allows Gucci to be Gucci brrrrrr…The main producer of the album were Mike Will and Made It Zaytoven.

Best Features
Kanye West. I think Ye had the best verse on the entire album. Other features on the album includes Drake and Young Thug. Each feature on the album played it role. Drake did his Drake 1-2 and Young Thug did his Young Thug 1-2.

Most Inspiring Track
At Least a M is dope AF. The hook says it all. Have at least a m i don’t even associate with niggas who associates don’t have at least a m have at least a m . This song really motivates me to get money and pay closer attention to my network. As Gucci explains, everyone in your network can not be broke someone needs to be making money. Out Do Ya is close second because its so true. Even though Gucci was incarcerated, most rap fans did not notice because Gucci was releasing so many projects and kept his name in street via social media.

Album Rating
If you love down south gangsta trap music, this is your album. I thought this album dope and is a solid exciting listen throughout the entire album. My rating for Gucci Mane – Everybody Lookin
g is an A.. Anyway, the album is free on Spotify. So take a listen and judge for yourself.

Gucci Mane – Waybach [Official Music Video]

Gucci Mane – Out Do Ya [Official Music Video]

Gucci Mane – First Day Out Tha Feds [Official Music Video]

Gucci’s offical website http://officialguccimane.ning.com/

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