New York natives, HOA Bossman and Lansky Jones connect with California based producer, Left Brain to produce a single that can be appreciated across all coasts.

HOA Bossman opens up the verse with visions of upgrading the women of interest with lavish lifestyles they aren’t used to, including fancy dining, and wine. Making the party bigger as she’s told to bring several friends, along with herself, Bossman makes clear his intentions and wastes no time with his introduction. Lansky Jones follows up with a flow like butter, as he expounds on him and his women induced with Mary Jane and alcohol before getting to the main objective.

It seems the emcee’s can’t get enough of the ladies, and profess their love for polygamy through a beat that cruises as one would on on a warm L.A day with no top.

HOA Bossman’s New Project “These Days” Set To Release In February 2017.”

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