Bleed Ambition Music Group, with the financial backing of mega marketing and promotional platform, “Insure Success,” has teamed up with Miami’s hottest “DJ Seizure” of the All Out All Star DJ’s & Slip N Slide DJ’s, to provide the world with what some are calling a “gift of music.” DJ Seizure is regarding to be one of the hardest working, up and coming DJ’s in the state of Florida, and continues to take the world by storm with all music endeavors. You can catch DJ Seizure LIVE on 88.7 FM Weekly 4-6 PM and LIVE every Sunday on from 6-8 PM. Themed from the motion picture “The Fighter,” starring Mark Whalberg, Christian Bale, and Amy Adams, the music actually encourages you to see the movie if you have not. What makes the perfect blend of music epic, is its variety. Undeniably so, it differentiates itself from any other musical compilation to date. When your in your car listening to track after track, it’s as if your experiencing a movie! There are songs that make you want to dance, make love, hang out with your comrades, meditate, laugh, and just basically have a good time. Most ‘mixtapes’ available online are in abundance, however lack quality. How many times do you purchase an album or mix and there are only a few songs that you enjoy? On this up and coming project, the quality of music is short of ‘surreal.’

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