Rapper Earl Lee Allen was born—and raised—in Hammond, Indiana, but currently resides in San Antonio, Texas, a city ripe with hip-hop talent and history. While he enjoys his work a supervisor at a juvenile treatment center, making music is his ‘true’ passion. “I believe the music I create is relatable and can make a positive impact in someone’s life,” he says. He describes his music as having a therapeutic approach to it—it’s conscience, thought provoking material.

“I enjoy writing and performing spoken word,” says Earl, who began with poetry base before transitioning into writing hip-hop over soulful instrumentals. He initially became inspired by his younger brother, Rico Loso—an artist who has been crafting material for years. He’s quick to acknowledge that his biggest influences and motivating factors, though, are his adoring wife and daughter. “My aim is to make music my kids can be proud of–[music] that will make them proud to say that’s my dad.”

To date, the relatively new artist has released numerous songs, most notably, “More Than Life,” “LOVE ME,” “Piece Of Heaven’,” “Make it Okay” and “Going Nowhere.” He’s currently working on a collaboration with his brother, which he hopes his fans will love. “My goal is to network with artists, producers, and bloggers,” says Earl of his foreseeable future. His passion and love for he does is infectious—and his future in the industry is bright. Earl Lee Allen is an artist to keep your eyes on in 2017.

Po -Thanks for coming through to politick with us. Discuss your background and how you fell in love with hip hop?

Earl – I’m Adamant about making music with substance while being a positive influence. I enjoy writing and performing spoken word. I transitioned to writing hip-hop over soulful instrumentals about two years ago. I decided to make hip hop music because I love the art and appreciate the artists who help make a change. I believe hip hop music has made a huge impact on empowering the youth and building up communities

Po – Name some your influences? Name your Top 5 Rappers?

Earl- I initially became inspired by my younger brother, Rico Loso—an artist who has been crafting material for years. My biggest influences and motivating factors are adoring wife, daughter and son. “My aim is to make music my kids can be proud of–[music] that will make them proud to say that’s my dad.” I am a huge 50 cent and J. Cole fan. 50 cent album Get rich or die trying was the first rap album I purchase. I was in eighth grade at that time. My top five rappers are 50 cent, J.Cole, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar and Chance the rapper.

Po- Describe your rap style? What makes you unique?

Earl – My music is a conscious epitome of hip hop music. I believe I am able to help people. Crafting hip hop music allows me to reach a wider audience so my message can be heard. I craft music from the heart and soul. Every song I create is designed to motivate people.

Po – I read that you enjoy working with youth in residential treatment center and how being able to make a difference is a wonderful feeling. Could you expand on this?

Earl- Absolutely. I have been working at a juvenile treatment Centre for four years. I love working at the treatment center because I have the ability to make a difference in the kids’ lives every day. Every day is different and some days are extremely challenging. I believe working with the youth helped me become a better parent and a better person. I have gained a lot of knowledge and tools that can be used to assist others. I enjoy helping the kids work on their goals, motivating them along with encouraging them to utilize their coping skills.

Po- Where you do see yourself in 5 years?

Earl – My goal is to become an established hip hop artist. I want to build a business that helps other artist achieve their dreams along with providing the youth with the tools and resources to become musical entrepreneurs.
Po – What’s your favorite book?

Earl – My favorite book is by Carl Weber titled So You Call Yourself A Man. I talked about the book so much I was able to get several family members to read it.

Po – What would you like to say to your supporters?

Earl – I am genuinely thankful for the amazing people in my life. Thank you for being a positive influence. Thank you for believing in me. Most of all thank you for all the inspiration and upliftment.

Po – Thanks for politicking with us, any final words for the readers.

Earl – I plan on collaborating with other artist who are positive influencers. I also plan to create merchandise and physical copies of my album to provide for my fans. I encourage aspiring hip hop artist to continue educating themselves, stay consistent and make music with meaning.


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