Born Kati Wood, the 24 year old is ready to take on the music industry. Hungry, motivated and talented, the song bird has what it takes to navigate the challenges in the music industry, because she has never given up, despite setbacks and a challenges. In 2018, Kentrel Management recognized her talent and took her on board to join its roster of hiphop and r&b artists. Stay tuned for more upcoming anouncements on Ilona K.

Thanks for stopping by to politick with us. I was reading that you are originally from the Michigan area?  Can you discuss your background and how you fell in love with music?

Thanks for having me! I grew up in Downriver, MI. My love for music started when I was just a little girl. I would pretend have concerts for my family and always try to entertain anyone around me. I began to pursue my passion for singing and entertaining by doing community theater throughout the Downriver area. I also played Elsa for children parties. When I graduated high school, I started working with producers and vocal teachers in Detroit. That’s when I really started to blossom and began to write my own music and develop the artist I am today.  

Can you talk about your artist name?           

My artist name, Ilona K, has a lot of meaning to it. My middle name, Helen, is Ilona in Hungarian. Ilona is a Hungarian family name held by both my great grandmother and my grandmother. They traveled from Hungry during WWII so by using this as my stage name I feel they are always with me and putting the same fire they had in my life.

I’ve been told my voice, at times, sounds similar to Rihanna’s. Though I’ve been inspired by many different artists and genres, I have worked to create my own unique sound. 

Who is your most dedicated and loyal fan? Definitely my team. Every single one of them have helped me grow and supported my dreams unconditionally. It’s so important to have a group of solid, loyal individuals around you and I’m blessed to have that. 

Can you discuss your current projects and plans for rest of 2020? 2021?

I just released my single ‘Type Of Way’ on all streaming platforms. The song is currently on Radio Stations all over the world! I will be releasing a music video for ‘Type Of Way’ before the end of 2020. In 2021 I will be releasing my first EP. I have been working on this for a while and I can’t wait to release this work into the world. 

Can you describe the new single “Type of Way”? Is there a music video for it? 

“Type Of Way” is an energetic, confident, flirty song. This song shows off my singing style and my bold vocal tone. It’s the type of song that will make you want get up and dance. There is a lyric music video out for it right now on my YouTube Channel. The official music will be out soon. 

If someone never heard your music before, what is the first song that you would want them to hear?

I would say ‘Type Of Way’. This track best shows the vibe and style of my music and gives a taste of my vocal ability.

Have you worked with any known Artists / Producers,etc?        

My first single ‘Crave’ was produced by Dmoney Martinez,and  Antonio Breez is featured on the track as well. ‘Type Of Way’ was produced by Sean Alexander.

Thanks for coming thru. Anymore words for the readers, where can we check out more of your music?

Thanks for having me! Thank you to anyone who takes to listen to my music. All support is appreciated. You can check out my music on all streaming platforms and can watch my official music video for my single ‘Crave’ and my lyric video for my single ‘Type Of Way’ on my Youtube Channel. 

Instagram: illonak

_Twitter: ilonaaak


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