California rapper and self-described “rap game Mark Twain” Monk Mandino presents his new single “If You Like It I Love It”. Produced by DamCold, the single is the duo’s introduction to a sub-genre they dub ‘HawaiI Bass’, which Monk calls “what you’d get if you mixed 2 Live Crew, Too Short and early Eminem”. McNasty made his name as a battler on the GrindTime circuit (watch Monk McNizzle battle Dizaster) before releasing last year’s Full Metal Rapshet mixtape (stream on Youtube). In 2014 he released the “Eat Like A Player” videos which documented his one-week tour of impromptu performances in fast-food restaurants and supermarkets across California, and more recently “Security Guard Barz”, where he documents himself rapping through his late-night work shifts (watch both series on his Youtube page). His last album was 2014’s Monk McNizzle (listen). Monk Mandino is finalizing two EPs: You’re Gonna Write Us All Out Of Poverty Monk Mandino, and the HawaiI Bass EP, dropping mid-July. Both releases will drop on Oakland-based Drum Dealer Music. Monk’s last single release was “F.L.I.M nroP” (listen on Soundcloud).

Your music veers between offbeat poetic and lewd sexuality. How do you balance the two extremes?

Lousy at first, but then you get the hang of it, it becomes natural, effortless. I’m on my fourth stage name! My first handle was MonkeyShine McBrain, can you believe that? I was just a kid. Second handle was Monk McNasty. He was born out of hate, but there were modicums of love mixed in there. My third handle was Monk McNizzle. Monk McNizzle was the name I gave to my spiritual awakening, and now, now you can call me Monk Mandino. Monk Mandino was born out of love but has modicums of hate mixed in there, and he came to exploit all the other Monks for what they’re worth. You see, the last names change depending on my purpose at the time (usually shifts every four years) but the Monk stays consistent, dedicated, unwavering, committed. I probably sound batshit crazy huh? So what! Next question please.

What do you think is the key to breaking a rapper such as yourself in today’s game?

It’s all about finding your tribe I think! If my tribe were represented by colors, they would be various shades of grey, lililililililke like motherfuckers you can’t pigeon hole into black or white, the confused, kinda sullen, the aimless, the lost. Im like the neon greenish yellow air bubble on the Air Max 95s, surrounded by shades of grey. CardI B is the red on the bottom of red bottoms I presume, and everything is right with the universe.

What’s one thing you think people misunderstand the most about you?

I have an obsessive compulsive thing I do where if a girl I’m romantically involved with has lililililike like a blemish or pimple on her face, I will keep poking, and prodding at it, and bothering her about it, lililike like I be hella acknowledging that shit!! Hella out of pocket lilililike they fuckin hate that shit, but what they don’t understand is that I have only done that to the woman I have loved lililike loved loved, so it’s actually a backwards ass way of saying I love them.

What’s your biggest goal for your career?

I’ll put it to you like this! I’ve been fucking the same woman for many sunsets now and still haven’t busted a nut! Is her pussy too stretched out from the rap pioneers and legends that have preceded me? Does she have mind control over her pussy, and will not climax without being gifted with a rollie rollie rollie with a dab of ranch? Of course I want to climax inside of this beautiful wet neon rainbow colored pubic hair havin pussy! But what’s more important? What’s more important is making her climax!!!!

How do you know when a song is done?

When the producer runs out of money usually.

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