Sacramento artist Kali Streetz drops off the official music video for his new single “Better Days” ft 4Rax. Produced by Oakland’s The Mekanix, Kali Steetz floats over the beat while breaking down the details of life and hustle over the airy chords and crisp drums. Taking us on a trip through the hood, Kali taps one of the Bay Area’s hottest videographers Jay Pusha to bring his song to life. A lot of times it’s apparent that rappers are trying way too hard in their music videos, but not Kali Streetz, he comes across hungry, genuine, and comfortable in his own skin. 4Rax provides the slightly autotuned hook that matches perfectly with Kali’s desire. Appearing on Kali Streetz new project The Step Child, “Better Days” in an introspective look at an up and coming artist on his grind in a tough city.

Press play on Better Days below and look out for big things from this artist.

Kali Streetz – Better Days (Official Music Video)

Kali Streetz – The Step Child (Album)


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Kali Streetz, began his lyrical ventures at the young age of 14. He spent his early years studying the game, writing and improving his flow. Once he became better acclimated, he began recording tracks and performed his song, “I’m Stuck in High School,” for the first time at his high school graduation. After graduation, Streetz began networking from Southern California to Atlanta to learn the importance of the music business. Though his travels brought him the opportunity to perform in front of A&R reps for Def Jam and work with mentors such as Radio 3000, Kali Streetz did not stray too far from home and linked up with his cousin, Dean Martin, and father, G7, to create the indie label, 7 Channel Music Group.

The young artist began touring and performing at small venues to gain a better feel for the stage and became more confident performing. In 2012, he decided to work independently and moved from the valley back to Sacramento. At this time, he was able to find himself as an artist and really let his creative energy flow. As an up and coming artist, Streetz had to deal with many ups and downs. However, the struggle of being an aspiring artist did not get him down. Realizing how far he had come from the beginning and how much work he put into his career kept him motivated during his journey and would not allow him to give up.

During the summer of 2012, he collaborated with an engineer by the name of Qmadethebeat. This collaboration helped him polish tracks for his mixtape, Ocean Breeze. This was a successful collaboration and Streetz sold over 1000 disks and received a positive response from his growing fan base. Projects that led up to the success of Ocean Breeze include: Young & Restless, A Product of My Environment and a duo project with Dean Martin, Last House on the Left.
Since 2012, Kali Streetz has been performing in venues from Sacramento to the Bay Area. He had the privilege to grace the stage with Bay Area rappers, such as Pooh Man, San Quinn and Stevie J. He also opened up for high profile rapper, Waka Flocka, in Sacramento. In 2014, the young artist traveled to Atlanta to perform for Nick Cannon’s record label, Ncredible.

He recently premiered the music video for his single, “Better Days.” Prod. By The Mekanix. Streetz and his camp linked with KennyTweed & 4rAx to do just one track and they ended up putting together Kali’s Latest project “The Step Child Ep” which dropped February 6th 2018 and is available everywhere music is purchased and streamed.
Overall, as an artist, Kali Streetz aspires to touch as many people as possible. He does not plan to only make club music, but looks forward to bringing back a soulful sound that can be enjoyable for all ages. He raps about things people can relate to and hopes a lot of people will be able to connect to his music.“I speak about things that most of us can relate to. A lot of violence goes on in this world, I’m not trying to glorify it,” said Streetz. “I am simply trying to get people to open their eyes and realize it is up to us to change the way we live and view things.”

As an inspiring artist, he understands there will be challenges. He deals with this by remaining positive and humble. He understands that he may not get everyone to like him, but if he is able to change the path of a few people who have a purely negativity and evil outlook, that is something he can live with and hopes he can influence and change the lives of others.

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