Liquid Beat Records and Slum Funk entertainment are incredibly proud to present the new project from Libretto, Gangsta Jazz 2 The Album. Following up the release of the official music video for Headhunters featuring Theory Hazit, Gangsta Jazz 2 is Libretto’s first release since being released from prison, and his first full album since his classic debut, Illoet on Dim Mak recordings. Written entirely while Libretto was in confinement, Gangsta Jazz 2 offers meditations on the mystique and first person realities of life in the projects.

Gangsta Jazz 2 The Album is the follow up to the popular Gangsta Jazz EP and continues the concept of making songs using strictly loops from old records. Paying tribute to the classic sound of 90s West Coast sample based Hip-Hop Libretto grew up with in Watts, California, Gangsta Jazz 2 reminds us of the power, perspective, and poetry that Reality Rap has to offer.

Gangsta Jazz 2 The Album is available as a free download, and limited edition tape at:


Also available from Libretto:

Ride To That 12” Vinyl featuring Guilty Simpson: https://liquidbeat.bandcamp.com/album/ride-to-dat-ft-guilty-simpson-12-maxi-single
Gangsta Jazz EP: https://liquidbeat.bandcamp.com/album/gangsta-jazz
Gangsta Boogie EP: https://liquidbeat.bandcamp.com/album/gangsta-boogie
Stay Focused EP: https://liquidbeat.bandcamp.com/album/stay-focused-ep

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Libretto: http://www.slumfunk.com

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Libretto: https://soundcloud.com/slumfunk-com

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Libretto: https://twitter.com/slumfunk @slumfunk

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Libretto: https://www.facebook.com/slumfunk

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