Calico Jonez officially drops “BORN-2-MAC”, his latest project is hosted by Pimpin Ken and features production from 808 Mafia Hussein, Marvelous J, Boddybeats, Kasework, Tayeriffic, E.M.G, and 2-Tall.

Pimps, pushers, hustlers and go-getters paint a glamorous portrait of a life from rags to riches. In this game of life, only the strong survive, being able to master the game is something you can’t just be sworn with, you have to be born with it. This laid-back project gives you the feel of classic music from 8ball & MJG, OutKast, and UGK. The legendary Pimpin Ken helps narrate this hip-hop debut of the lifestyle of a Memphis hustler destined for success and “Born 2 Mac”.

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