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All he ever wanted was “100 million.” Well, that and to be respected for his craft. HOA Bossman, holds Brooklyn on his back and has come a long way since his first few mixtapes back in 2010/2011. With this project, Don’t, Bossman is solidifying his spot in the underground scene as a prominent Hip-Hop figure. Getting better with each beat he touches, the whole theme is about getting up and getting it done. Quite the opposite of the tape’s title.

Singles released already include “Eastside,” and “Trust.” “Eastside” was released a few weeks ago, and is still making waves. A very turnt track that you can’t help but respect from the authenticity in the content and aggression on the Wondagurl-produced beat. “Trust” features Theo Ferragamo on the last verse. He throws a different flavor on the track with his flow and lyrics, but they still make it blend well.

“Looking To Escape (My Escape Pt. 2)” is a destined classic/favorite among HOA Bossman’s veteran fans. The first “My Escape” is one of Bossman’s most revered tracks. Reaching over thirty thousand views on YouTube and even more publicity on local blogs and in the streets, the second part does very well in matching up. The message is uplifting, as Bossman deciphers in his mind the decisions he’s made, and the one’s he has to make in order to be at a better place. He’s just looking for a way out of the negative misery taking place in the world, not only dealing with him, but the culture, and people of all creeds. He touches us on a socially conscious level bringing up acts of police violence in the inner city, and recognizing the prominent victims that have had to endure the worst, for us to reach this awareness.

“No Time” takes the time out, ironically, to address the ones Bossman feels are opportunists, haters, and/or phony individuals. As HOA Bossman has made a name in his music for expressing thoughts relentlessly, and being honest about personal situations in his life with the people, he frowns upon those who chose to act as something their not, and talk behind the backs of those they truly admire. Mogul Club’s phenomenon, Radamiz spits a dope verse, and closes the track well. They compliment each other and make a fun track to listen to regardless of the serious content. Other features include CJ Williams, on the song “Be There For Me.” That one is dedicated to the lovers, male or female, seeing as how we can all put ourselves in the position of the lyrics. CJ takes a calm approach, almost seducing listeners with the vocal projection he chooses to use and the words he uses to express himself and feelings.

The outro, “Vent” is a great conclusion as he mixes the essence of the tape and throws it all in the end. He really takes the time out to vent. Expressing himself through a flurry of flows and heart felt lines. He addresses woman issues, money woes, the ones who have had negative things to say about him, his movement and future in the game, among other things.

The rest of the songs you’ll have to love on your own and get familiar as you listen. Next year breeds even more possibilities for the emcee, so more and shows are on the way. Don’t miss your chance to get get familiar while you can.


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