Sit Back as Artist Taj Mahal takes us real HipHop fans down memory lane of the Great Rocafella era. On this record off of the upcoming POWER MIXTAPE Taj explains in depth about his Love for not only Jay Z but the whole Rocafella Record Label and staff. The record is being reviewed as “Nothing short of Genius” as Dj GreenLantern describes it, Dj GreenLantern says “It’s very Dope” Let’s not forget GreenLantern was Jay-Z’s personal Dj so he’s been around long enough to Recognize greatness! The record is produced by Chicagos super producer duo THE WATCHMEN. You can find them on Instagram as WeAreTheWatchMen. To make a long story short, should the Watchmen and Taj Mahal continue to make records together HipHop just may Be witnessing something epic.

Taj Mahal “Dear, Rocafella”
Prod. By: WatchM.E.N

Follow Taj Mahal https://twitter.com/TheRealTajMahal

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