It’s safe to say there is no artist in the world like La Nefera. A female rapper holding her own in an industry dominated by male artists. A native of the Dominican Republic, rapping exclusively in Spanish, when most hiphop music is traditionally delivered in English. And doing it all from her adopted home of Switzerland. It is against this backdrop that she releases her new album A Lo Hecho Pecho (Spanish for ‘what’s done is done’), out today along with visuals for album track “Quisqueya Bella” featuring Latin Grammy nominee Arianna Puello, shot in the Dominican Republic and Mexico by 19-year-old director Miguel Alejandro. ALHP is released courtesy of Empire Music, the Swiss record label led by CEO Matthieu “MDB” Siegenthaler whose team is responsible for releases with Sonny Seeza (ONYX), Saigon, N.B.S., Mr. Cheeks (Lost Boyz) and more. Production is provided by Pearlbeatz, TOWITEDITS, Meister Lampe, DJ Tron and Thomas “Jakebeatz” Hof, who also directed both music videos from the album so far: “A Lo Hecho Pecho” (watch) and “Odio” (watch). Born in the Dominican Republic, La Nefera moved to Switzerland in her teens, forming the WS Crew which released the Nuestra Frequenzia EP in 2009. She is also part of female group Vybezbilder, which released the Skillz On Fire album in 2015 (stream on Soundcloud). “We Dominicans call our homeland ‘Quisqueya Bella’,” says La Nefera. “This name has the origin in the Taino language, the spoken language of the first people lived on this island before the colonial powers of Spain and France came. I wanted to write this song, because a reason why I do music is to keep connected with my culture; juggling with my mother tongue, spreading latin vibes, heart, heat and love. That’s what the refrain is about. I asked Arianna Puello for doing a rap part. She is a very strong and known female rapper in the Spanish spoken areas. I appreciate her music so much especially when i started doing rap. She is also a Dominican woman who grow up in Europe. Her part is more critical, showing the dark side of our country and my part is rather showing why we – in spite of everything – still love and miss our home.”

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