Woodbridge, VA rap artist PHZ-Sicks (pronounced ‘physics’) proudly presents the release of 100 signed copies of The Moment II: A Good Day, a vinyl that combines songs from his last project, The Moment as well as his next project, Good Day, Greater Tomorrow, of which two songs have been released: “Run It” (stream) and “Riot In My Memory” (stream). 2 Dope Boyz gave The Momenthonorable mention for one of the best mixtapes of 2013. PHZ-Sicks is releasing a new single from the album on the 23rd of each month leading up to Good Day, Greater Tomorrow’s summer drop. “Vinyl and hip hop have been a steady relationship since the beginning of the genre,” PHZ-Sicks says of his new release. “Being a lover of the history of the music that I do, I’m honored that I got to put this record out with Feedbands. This vinyl is a bridge between the past and the future. Also, a thank you to all the fans that supported me while they waited to hear new music from me. Gifting them these one out of 100 signed copies of this project, signing each one and giving an exclusive song they can only hear off of “Good Day, Greater Tomorrow” (FIU) is one of the biggest thanks I can give as an artist. I hope that I can give an even bigger one in the future.”

Side A
1. Brim Low ft Ace Ono
(Produced by Stompboxx Music)
2. Live This Life
(Produced by Stompboxx Music)
3. Outside/Violins
(Produced by PHZ-Sicks)
4. The Love Scene III ft Scolla & Ace Ono
(Produced by Stompboxx Music)
5. The Constant ft Rob Regal
(Produced by Best Kept Secret)

Side B
1. Used to Love U
(Produced by Epik The Dawn)
2. Black Women
(Produced by Best Kept Secret)
3. Coming Down ft T-Fox
(Produced by Best Kept Secret)
4. FIU
(Produced by MantraBeats)
5. Hurts
(Produced by Makaih Beats & PHZ-Sicks)

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