Welcome to another fly edition of PoPolitickin. In this episode, we politick with Major Damage from the HipHop/Reggae group Evil Minded.


Evil Minded is a HipHop/Reggae group from Oceanside Ca. The group consist of MajorDamage on the vocals & Wicked Rhythm on the beats & production. Due to our views of a crooked ass Government & the fact we smoke weed. The general public, & some close to us think we just promote evil. So that’s how we got the name.

We have been working on music for years with different members of the group coming & going. Sometimes life gets in the way, but we always found time to get back to doing what we were put here to do. With the help of our longtime friend Emerson Windy, we got things rolling again.

Some of our influences range from Bob Marley to Eazy E, Brotha Lynch Hung to Emerson Windy. We know the music biz is cut throat & we’re ready to cut throats.

So check us out at evilmindedmuzic.com & follow us on Facebook, IG, Twitter, MassRoots & SoundCloud & subscribe to our YouTube channel. All under the same name & look for our logo. Thanks & looking forward to seeing you on the road.

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