Welcome to another edition of PoPolitickin. In this episode, we politick with Denver, Colorado rapper LesNumba3.

Independent rapper LesNumba3 is an up and coming artist hailing from the Southeast of Denver, Colorado. 303 Magazine author Drew Boulos wrote a piece on the upcoming artist expressing, “What initially caught our attention with Denver’s LesNumba3 was his simple but addicting beats in his latest single “Willie Kemp.” Charlie Taylor’s vocals are clear and precise — something not often prevalent in some rap music today. In his latest track, Taylor’s voice is deep and captivating.” This Denver artist creates a unique and uncommon sound with his Tennessee flow and enticing lyricism. Right now LesNumba3 has two new tracks coming out both set to be released digitally mid November.

His first track called “Kingdom” is scheduled to be released on the 17th, and his second track “Break It Down” is scheduled for the 18th. Both tracks can pre-ordered on music platforms on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play November 3rd. Also in the works is an EP from the rapper waiting to be heard. LesNumba3 is a true reflection of an independent artist. He has done so himself vigorously by reaching out to numerous local radio stations and music blogs in Denver and his home area in Tennessee. This footwork in the past has gotten him showcased in 303 Magazine and played on a top Hip Hop podcast in Denver. Continuing the hard work and making good quality music, LesNumba3 is on the path of becoming a prominent artist.

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