Welcome to another edition of PoPolitickin. In this episode, we politick with Harrisburg, PA lyricist Mazon.

Mazon is the best rapper you’ve never heard of. The Harrisburg, PA native has been writing and producing his own music since he was a pre-teen. “The way that I found him was crazy,” says Skyyhook of The Wake Up Show on Shade45. “I was talking to a friend and they put the phone down to go check on something and this guy was playing in the background. I was like, what the….who is this?”

Mazon is gearing up to release a self-titled album in Spring/Summer ’17. This will be the 8th project in his catalog since releasing his first mixtape at 17 years old. “I didn’t know what I was doing at first,” admits the lyricist. “I just knew I was good and I loved making beats and writing raps. My style is totally different now. I actually grew up and experienced some things so I’m able to honestly talk about them in my music. These aren’t just raps anymore.”

Listen to “Artist Spotlight – Mazon | @Mazon717” on Spreaker.

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