Born and raised in Atlanta, Ga, Robert “Renaissance” Holborough looks to show another side of his hometown. Stepping away from the repetitious tales of the trap, Renaissance looks to let you in on the heart and soul of the city…
Son of a preacher and police lieutenant serving the people always been his focal point. And with his third project “The Transition” he continues his mission to save souls through music. For those who have never been to Atlanta, Ga. a.k.a. Black Hollywood, one listen to the music dominating the cities airwaves you would believe that Atlanta was a dopeboy haven. Far gone from the days of Outkast and Goodie Mob providing the city with quality lyrical content , shed light on the economic state and racist backdrop of Atlanta. Today it’s all about selling dope and who can ball the hardest. Looking to change this misconception of his city, Renaissance is a breath of fresh air..

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