DJ Period

In 2009, DJ Period began his career as a DJ after a failed attempt on the other side of the mic. As an avid music head, Period decided to support the music industry, as he set out to bring the world nothing but bangers.With the inner passion to diversify the game, his mix set site The Greatest Show Period is the basis behind his delivery, with music from a wide variety of different artists. Through hard work and dedication, this San Diego-based disc jockey is sure to raise the bar for the rest of the up-and-coming DJs, and may even make an artist want to step their game up.DJ Period recently began to network with the hosts of The SuGaToe Show on SacTownRadio, in an effort to unite radio personalities and DJs across the United States. Check out DJ Period on Po Politickin, as we witness this journey destined for the big leagues.

DJ Pete Blue

DJ Pete Blue was born and raised in Philadelphia PA. Growing up in Philly, an area well known for its deep roots in Hip Hop, R&B, Neo soul and DJ’s, Blue credits his skills on the 1’s and 2’s mostly back to his hometown. Growing up a huge radio listener in the 80’s and 90’s, he honed his ear for music listening to the likes of Slick Rick, Rakim, MJ, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Nas, Tupac, Jodeci and R. Kelly. DJ Blue got his break in 2006 overseas where he was mentored and tutored by South Carolina’s own DJ Willie Will and he became the mainstay DJ at Bentley’s in the 5 star rated Dragon Hill Hotel. From there, after returning to the East Coast DJ Blue has played a lot of venues and parties including being the mainstay DJ at places like Mick’s, Oshaunesies, Mainstreet and many other spots in the Northern VA, D.C. area. Along with that he is currently one of the official DJ’s for the Po Politickin Show. Keep your ears listening out for this DJ, he is currently in the works to make some major noise on the scene.

DJ Mixturess

Hailing from Rotterdam, Netherlands, Dj MixTuReSS started her dj carreer in 2007 she attended a dj workshop and the rest is history.From being orginally a guitarist started at age 6. She developed herself through the years into an allround musician/producer.Besides producing and performing on stage.Dj MixTuReSS decided to focus on the wheels of steel and started spreading and sharing her passion for music with the World. A Dj MixTuReSS set is very divers she will mix and cut all kind of music styles and does mashups that will blow your mind!!!!!!! Since Dj MixTuReSS started her Dj carreer she directly played at huge events through the Country.Such as Fashion on the Maas, Def Enter,Female Desire,and she is always one of the dj’s at the New Yorker openings. Besides Dj-ing MixTuReSS is also involved in some projects over seas as she is one of the official djs of Po Politickin.

Insure Success/Bleed Ambition Music Group – Creative Consultant

Insure Success / Bleed Ambition Music Group (B.A.M.G) is a full service operation, geared towards innovatively bridging the gap between entertainment, the Performing & Creative arts, and providing information to help you become successful in all of your endeavors, regardless of industry or occupation. The website interface is structured with state of the art technology mirroring the format of an advanced social network. By doing so, it forms an online community, of individuals with similar passions and interests. Our message, theme, our oath to be remembered centuries after our time is up on earth, creates a sense of purpose, unparalleled to any other website or organization. Aggressive Entrepreneurship, and “Martyrism”, are ideologies that when manifested, differentiates Insure Success/B.A.M.G, from the competition. We also look to increase and expand your entrepreneurial environment through an extensive online networking database, with like minded goal oriented individuals. Our Exclusive services, increase the quality and appearance of your craft, skill, or passion in the highest professional regards. We significantly increase the awareness of your craft, to thousands of individuals in a similar career path or simply potential new found admirers of your work. Our expertise in Social Media & Internet Marketing, exposes your talent to hundreds of thousands of people across the country and world. Our invested knowledge in the latest technology and “Guerrilla Marketing,” help enable you to reach a nationwide or worldwide audience, never thought possible for the independent individual In The Arts & Music. This ultimately increases your chances of making money, as the number of people that are exposed to what you do, rises dramatically. Whether your looking to advertise an event, a Poetry CD, an Art painting or sculpture, Fashion, anything you can imagine.

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