After making her mark with her debut singles “Eyes On Me” and “Makin Mine”, BIANCA is back with the video for “Light It Up”! Sensual vibe, light hearted beat, “Light It Up” is the perfect track to ride to and of course, smoke to, even though Bianca chose to showcase something else on the visual…

New video by LA singer BIANCA, who combines the light hearted and smooth melodies of her music with the reality of life.

Bianca took a few months to release her first video for “Light It Up”. When life caught up with her, she had to dust it off and get up off her feet and find the strength to keep chasing her dreams.
Last year, after the few months that followed her very well received debut singles “Eyes On Me” and “Makin Mine”, Bianca was leaving in her car and couch surfing. Through that rough patch, she never lost focus and saved up money so she could find a place before investing anything into her art that she cherishes so much.

“Light It Up” is for her to re-introduce herself and prepare for her upcoming project: CoolKidsTravel. “I want everyone to understand that this has been a process for me. I’ve struggled and overcame and I’m still learning and growing as an artist.”
This song has a double meaning. It might sound sweet and smooth but the lyrics are actually coming from a dark place, when Bianca was going through a violent relationship. This song represents the sweet and sour pain that she felt in those times, “It’s difficult to see your worth when you don’t appreciate yourself enough sometimes.”

CoolKidsTravel will be a rainbow of emotions and beats, because sometimes she’s mad, sometimes she’s sad, sometimes she’s sprung! Each track will be sprinkled with drums and heavy bass and the singles “Eyes On Me” and “Light It Up” will be on the project.


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