Gaithersburg, Maryland rapper/producer Kage Eheh presents the Kevin Little-directed video for “Coffee”, the single from Resuscitation, his new self-produced album. Kage’s previous releases include 2011’s Just A Sample (listen), and Next Big Thing. “When I started working on the instrumental I said to myself ‘this is the type of the track they play in a coffee shop’,” Kage says about the track. “That reminded me of a girl I used to date in middle school who was in a very rough relationship and after denying it for a while she finally admitted what was happening. She used to ask me to meet her for coffee and even though I hated coffee i would go for her.” Regarding his new album he says “The definition of ‘resuscitation’ is to restore consciousness or life and that’s exactly what this album is to me it’s like coming back to life.” Resuscitation is out now (Bandcamp).

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