Evil Minded Muzic is HipHop / Reggae from Oceanside Ca. The group consist of MajorDamaGe187 on the vocals & Wicked Rhythm on the beats/production. Our influences range from a wide spectrum of music. From NWA to KRS-One, Public Enemy to Sublime, Emerson Windy to Bob Marley. Our music is positive, informative & up lifting. A lot of Hip Hop artist now a days are on a big platform reaching millions. So they choose to glorify pill popping, gold chains & rims, sexualizing women, murder, gangs & disrespect. Dumbing down our youth.

Our mission is to bring back good music, with skilled lyrics & sick beats that kids can listen too. Our music has messages & we try to educate the masses. CHECK US OUT at EVILMINDEDMUZIC.COM or FOLLOW US on INSTAGRAM/FACEBOOK/TWITTER @evilmindedmuzic. One Love, Smoke One & Stay Lifted #420

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