HOA Bossman parades around the city with friends for his latest visuals “Broke Niggas.” Shot in first person view, the video is almost a tour of what a calm night in NYC consists of for HOA Bossman and company. While the song plays in the background, the visuals include his “friends” drifting through spots of value and tradition for New Yorkers. From outside the club, they find themselves checking out vintage gear at a thrift store, classic Vinyl’s at the record shop, vibing in the pizza shop (which is a classic staple in New York City night life), all to end with fun at the park. So HOA Bossman thinks. He’s eventualy set up by one of his companions and jumped in the park. All to show that you never know who you have around you. They’re there for you one minute, and out for status the next. The song itself touches on topics of disloyalty from those close, the grittiness that goes on in his hometown of Brooklyn, New York, and more misery. The visuals help us feel like throughout all life’s tribulations, he has a solid base of friends whom can help take his mind off the negative. Which in turn, effects his music in a positive way.

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