“HOA Bossman & Iceberg Shim connect for an overdue visual to their collaborative tale of acceptance, and trying new things in the name of love. Boasting their admiration for special women in their lives, “I.D.K (I Don’t Kiss)” doesn’t end the cleverness in the title, the Brooklyn emcees do a great job of mixing otherwise, lewd lyrics with a classic fun feel.

Iceberg Shim uses smooth flows and witty word play to win over the woman of his preference. “We ridin’ waves while they stuck at the shore” is a line Shim uses to describe how he’s ahead of the pact with his intellect, and wave. Hoping she soon realizes before he’s off to another beach. HOA Bossman goes through the motions with a potential partner, from beginning to end, he takes time to find out who she is, and finds himself falling more, as the relationship grows.

The Brooklyn emcees always come with it and this one’s no different. This track appears on the 2014 release by HOA Bossman, Life. (Which Bobby Shmurda tweeted about)”

Download “I.D.K (I Don’t Kiss)” here.

Check out HOA Bossman’s latest project, Don’t here.

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