Emcee/spoken word artist/producer I.K.P. (The Infamous King of Positivity) presents the Luke “Homay” Lewis-directed music video for “Till The Day I Die”, I.K.P.’s self-produced single from In Positivity We Trust: I.K.P. 4 President Pt. 2, his new album featuring DaQuan, Swanny River and Children Of Leisure. Born in the East New York section of Brooklyn, New York and raised in Norfolk, Virginia, I.K.P. is head of Reigning Positivity Music, a veteran of the U.S. Marines, and a member of East coast LGBT rap collective The AlliYance (watch the “Cake” video). I.K.P.’s previous releases include In Positivity We Trust, and Executive Realness: The Extended Play Suite (Bandcamp). I.K.P. recently released a visual for Executive Realness single “No Mention” (Youtube). “I reference my battle with mental health issues and using my art to reflect on who I am become as a person and how I use my art to fight back,” I.K.P. says about the new single. “I’m fighting back at the level of all my personal issues, for those who are going through similar situations, struggling to find that inner strength to get through it; for people who feel like they have no way out.”

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