uzzing artists K-Lien and C-Sharp are back again with more dope visuals from their recent EP Keep It Lit. After tearing the club up in their Anyway music video, these two Cali artists connect again for Bamboozle produced by DJ Flippp. Separating the real from the fakes, C-Sharp doesn’t hesitate going hard on the imposters in the first verse. “Keeping it 100, I ain’t with all the Bamboozling,” K-Lien comes in smooth removing the drums for the first few bars of his verse to make his point felt. Filmed and edited by Voice2Hard Films, watch C-Sharp and K-Lien collect on their debts and squash out the fakers in their new video Bamboozle. Also, be sure to check out the Keep It Lit EP while you’re at it available now on Apple Music, Spotify, and more

K-Lien & C-Sharp – Bamboozle

K-Lien & C-Sharp – Keep It Lit EP


K-Lien & C-Sharp – Anyway

K-Lien & C-Sharp – Keep It Lit (Apple Music)

K-Lien & C-Sharp – Keep It Lit (Spotify)

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