Dominican emcee La Nefera presents the music video for “A Lo Hecho Pecho”, the title track from her forthcoming album set to feature Arianna Puello as well as production from Pearlbeatz, Meister Lampe, DJ Tron and Jakebeatz (who directed the music video for PW Films). The “A Lo Hecho Pecho” clip comes on the heels of the release of the music video for first single “Odio” (watch). Born in the Dominican Republic, La Nefera moved to Switzerland in her teens, forming the WS Crew which released the Nuestra Frequenzia EP in 2009. She is also part of female group Vybezbilder, which released the Skillz On Fire album in 2015 (stream on Soundcloud). When asked about her inspirations, La Nefera says “I draw my inspiration from my life experiences, and also being a social worker and being in touch with a lot of different characters.” A LO HECHO PECHO! drops September 2016 on Empire Music, the Swiss record label led by CEO Matthieu “MDB” Siegenthaler whose team is responsible for releases with Sonny Seeza (ONYX), Saigon, N.B.S., Mr. Cheeks (Lost Boyz) and more.

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