Chicago-born, Portland-bred poet and emcee Mic Crenshaw presents the music video for the title track and lead single of his new album Earthbound, featuring guest appearances from Arietta Ward, Klavical, Psl, Jah Robinsun and Jana Crenshaw. The video was directed by Crenshaw and Elijah Hasan. Mic’s previous projects include “Obvious” (stream) and “Superheroes” (stream). Mic co-founded GlobalFam, a non-profit project to create and maintain a computer center for disadvantaged youth in Burundi. Over 400 people have received free training. Mic also partnered with Education WithOut Borders (EWOB), which supports education, music and art initiatives in Portland and beyond and serves as an umbrella for the local Books For Prisoners chapter and GlobalFam itself. Mic has opened up for Public Enemy, Immortal Technique, KRS-1, Mos Def and The Roots. When asked about the motivation behind his new single, he said, “I felt it necessary to talk about the ecological crises we face as a result of human impact on the environment. It’s relevant in profound ways because our destiny as a species is linked to the health of the planet.”

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