California rapper and self-described “rap game Mark Twain” Monk Mandino presents the DIR.Anonymity-directed music video for “Single”, the Haruna-produced single from his forthcoming album Half Mountain Lion. Monk recently released the Anthropogenic EP, produced exclusively by Bay Area beatsmith DamCold$. McNasty made his name as a battler on the GrindTime circuit (watch Monk McNizzle battle Dizaster) before releasing last year’s Full Metal Rapshetmixtape (stream on Youtube). His most recent video release is “Flimnrop” (watch). In 2014 he released the “Eat Like A Player” videos which documented his one-week tour of impromptu performances in fast-food restaurants and supermarkets across California, and more recently “Security Guard Barz”, where he documents himself rapping through his late-night work shifts (watch both series on his Youtube page). His last album was 2014’s Monk McNizzle (listen). Regarding the song Monk says, “the realest s–t I could do right now is quit smoking cigarettes!”

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