Me & a close homie of mine always talked about one day visiting Tokyo. I’ve always been a fan of the culture and the fashion, and it was always one of those ‘bucket list’ places for me. Our birthdays are a few days apart, so when we were trying to figure out what to do this year we just sporadically copped some tickets to Japan on the fly. I didn’t want to let the opportunity pass without getting some type of footage/content, so I rented a DJI OSMO and bought a bunch of disposable cameras the day before we left. This video is truly the outcome of just going somewhere you’ve never been on a whim, and pressing record

The hook for this song was written one night while hanging out at the Complex office after hours. We were drinking Jameson out of Starbucks cups and listening to the Migos “Culture” album that had literally just dropped. Me and my homie Rich, who works at Complex, started freestyling and we kept repeating “All my niggas souped up”. He’s white so he wasn’t saying ‘niggas’ but you get my drift. The recording you hear at the beginning of the song is literally from a iphone voice memo from that night. I took the idea and applied it to this beat I received from the homie Colton Bro


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