The crowd always seems to favor the URL rapper

From watching previous battles where rappers such as Jae Millz, Joe Budden, and Cassidy returns, the fans want to see them lose. Although the rappers were in Philly, it was the crowd that came with the “oh’s” and “ah’s” who seem to favor Arsonal more than Cassidy.

Arsonal is a big Cassidy fan

Arsonal knew Cassidy’s whole career and used it in the battle. Arsonal mentioned that in 2003 how he admired Cassidy, and fought a dude for saying that Murda Mook was a better rapper.

The entire battle is on Rap Genius, amazing!

Cassidy had better bars while Arsonal had better personal bars. If you’re reading remarks online, then you would think Cassidy was humiliated, but this was a very even battle. I would say that it was a draw.

The rap battle community has grown

From Old Smack DVD’s that shown battling in sneaker stores to battling in front of thousands of viewers on Pay-Per-View, the battle rap community has grown. This is a win for the newer generation and old school battle rappers like Cassidy, Jae Millz, and others that has paved the way.

Cassidy makes better records

While Arsonal dissed Cassidy for not living up to his potential, Cassidy has a better discography than Arsonal. Cassidy actually had radio hits, something Arsonal has yet to do.


Arsonal was wild disrespectful grabbing and blowing smoke in Cassidy’s face. They should have a rule where touching the other rapper gets an automatic “L”.

Were the bars back or were they wack? Comment, let us know…

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