“Afro Picks Vol. 1” – Culture Power 45 teams up with L.I.F.E. Long’sCocoonmovemnents to bring you another vinyl exclusive. With the focus on the African Diaspora, highlighting unity with a compilation of music that fits the musical renaissance of African Culture. This album is Soulful, Jazzy, with Heavy Drum Percussion and Bass, guest appearances from Akil The MC[Jurassic 5]Tek[Smiff-N-Wessun]Lord Superb (R.I.P)Infinito 2017L.I.F.E. Long and more. With a limited number of exclusive colored vinyl for the collectors of African Art. Afro Picks dives into concepts that depict joy, struggle and pain creating the soundtrack of today’s society… Artwork designed by Marcellous Lovelace.

LISTEN: https://culturepower45.bandcamp.com/album/afro-picks

01. Afro Flows (Intro) [prod. DJ Afar]02. Vernacular(feat. Triple OG’s, Chicos Sun, Syl & Lord Superb) [prod. HD Cardi]
03. AFC (All Fat Cap’s)(feat. Infinito 2017) [prod. Schroder]
04. I AM (feat. Writer’s Guild: Loer & L.I.F.E. Long) [prod. Fred Ones]
05. The Natural Truth (feat. Fred Ones) [prod. Fred Ones]
06. Making Music (feat. Percee P & Chuck Chilla) [prod. Chuck Chilla] 

SIDE B:01. Second Coming(feat. Merc The Big Body Benz) [prod. Thanos Beats]
02. Brothers (feat. Sophisticated Savage, White Owl, RhinocerosFunk & Yazillah) prod. Silent Someone]
03. Hawk Fro (feat. Fred Ones) [prod. Fred Ones]
04. Still Love Her (feat. Indigo Phoenyx, Innocent? & Tek of Smiff-N-Wessun) [prod. Jewels Polaar]
05. Table of Periodic’s (feat. L.I.F.E. Long, FATCATHAYZE & Loer) [prod. FATCATHAYZE]
06. Blowing Off Steam(feat. Akil The MC & Snubnose Frankenstein) [prod. Johnny Filter]
• Arranged, Mixed & Mastered by Fred Ones• Executive Produced by L.I.F.E. Long

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