Like most circumstances or people in order for true ‘Growth’ you need some resistance. You do either one of two things when you meet that resistance quit or keep moving…Avrex is a VA born, MA based Hip-Hop artist whose met that challenge his whole life, making a swift transition from gangster rap in 2010 to more influential music in 2019. Cut from the Gangstarr Foundation cloth Avrex has been mentored by Guru, Big Shug and Krumbsnatcha the majority of his career and as a result he’s put together this full-length to underline the progression over the past 10 years. “Growth” features No Malice (of Clipse), TermanologyKrumbsnatchaNottzBig ShugGuru (RIP) and more


01. Intro [prod. Spence Beats] 02. Never Lay Down (feat. Ali B) [prod. T Hodge ]03. Betrayal (feat. T Hodge) [prod. T Hodge] 04. Lemons [prod. DJ A-Spitta] 05. Step Into The Light (feat. No Malice) [prod. Astro] 06. Mobster II (feat. Termanology & Krumbsnatcha) [prod. Nottz] 07. NO [prod. T Hodge] 08. Baby Girl (feat. T Hodge) [prod. T Hodge ]09. Love Is Love [prod. Slim One] 10. Lit [prod. DJ A-Spitta] 11. Seasons Change(feat. Big Shug, Guru & Krumbsnatcha) [prod. Gambit]

• Written, Produced & Performed by Avrex

• Mixed & Mastered by Sean Slaughter

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