Talented, Gifted and Focused are the words that come to mind when describing 23 year old music producer Andrew U The Perfectionist. For years Andrew U The Perfectionist has been collaborating with artists to help create some of the hottest music underground. Now that he’s finished his educational pursuits, he has a different ambition: taking the industry by storm. After searching his name and visiting his myspace page (www.myspace.com/andrewutheperfectionist) its clear why he has the entire music industry buzzing.

He is young and yet he has already worked with huge talent. His recent work with controversial hip-hop artist Remy Ma, best known for her appearance in Terror Squad’s hit “Lean Back” has propelled Andrew into the spotlight. His recent success has been hard-earned but also natural for this Long Island resident. He started following his dream years ago in his dorm room and then turned it into a reality through hard work, determination, creativity and collaboration. With his major affiliation to: Gallic Wars Mixtapes, he has been able to take the underground mixtape circuit by storm- offering quality and affordable production to upcoming new talent. Today he can be seen in the company of industry giants at high profile music industry events, showcases, and recording sessions.

As the owner of Echilon Enterprises Corp. he oversees a company he founded which specializes in music production, estate marketing, retail, and communication services. We ask him where he could see himself in a few years and he states: “The sky is the limit for me so all I can say is….. if you’re lookin for me? look up” He smiles.

See more of Andrew U The Perfectionist at (www.myspace.com/andrewutheperfectionist)

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